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Moonridge Academy is located on the Light Side of the Moon next to the breathtaking Apennine Mountains.   Moonridge is a boarding so all your child’s needs will be catered to in this home from home to leave you to tend to your careers.  They will thrive in this cross-planetary environment and our school facilities outdo any on Planet Earth.

Moonridge is unique in that it trains your children to become Space Specialists and the good bit is that your kids don’t have to have any special powers or abilities to get in. They just need to be regular kids.

So what can your child expect when they come to Moonridge?

Space Specialist Tactics ClassSchool Dinner in the Canteen

Moonridge Academy Classroom
Whilst other kids are learning to become lawyers, engineers and celebrities, our Space Specialists are trained to capture Terrators – a phenomenon which no doubt you all know about...

In the late 21st Century, an international space station containing the DNA of all creatures on Earth suffered a massive explosion in its core reactor, resulting in all the DNA samples hurtling into space.  Over the decades they entered the atmospheres of planets throughout the Galaxy and have mutated into unstable destructive creatures. 

Because the DNA samples were hurdled through space, the mutations have made each one different from the next and they are as fierce as they are unpredictable. Our mission is to capture, minimise and store them in our Genetic Space Library and to preserve their tremendous energy for future uses!

Moonridge Academy Canteen
At Moonridge your children will be supplied with the latest 22nd Century state-of-the-art equipment and technology to assist them on these Terrator hunting missions such as Rockets, Monsterbikes, and Nitroquads.  And, for all their communication, interactive and holographic purposes, each one is supplied with a personalised PDA.

The 5 classifications of the Terrators correspond to both their colour and their danger factor. It is lucky their colour betrays how dangerous they are as it means students can identify this on sight.  There are 52 known Terrators currently at large.

If your child is 14 years old like the Moonridge 5 team then they will be in Year Red and will be expected to capture Terrators from Red Levels 1 to 10 and it is strictly forbidden to capture Terrators from higher levels though unfortunately this rule is broken all too often.

Gold Level Terrators are out of bounds to all students under 17 years old. But more about this in the Vehicles & Gadgets section...

Various very dangerous Terrators

A Blue Level 8, Red Level 5 and Silver Level 2 Terrator

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