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B-WaveB-Wave Music Productions

What we do:

We create music that will enhance your product or service and make it even more convincing.

We create a sound in any style and any feel.

Full score arrangements for big band or close harmony choir.

We record voices, voice overs, small ensembles and instruments ofcourse.

Mixing & mastering
Digital facilities to mix and master your song, album or any other musical project.


B-wave was founded in 2000 by Jaap Berends and Tom van Beers. After their musical education at the Conservatorium of Arnhem, the Netherlands, they both gained a broad experience on stage and in studios. Discovering their shared skills for composing and performing music for commercials and leaders, they decided to focus on this discipline and B-wave was born.
In 2002 multi-instrumentalist and producer Miguel Boelens came to join them.
Nowadays B-wave is an ambitious collective surrounded by a growing network of talented freelance musicians, songwriters and composers.

Our culture:

To get depth, warmth and personality into a composition nothing compares to real instruments. We know how to play most of them (horns, drums, bass, guitars, synths, vintage keyboards) and we're not afraid at all to use these special forces.
In addition B-wave works with the finest Dutch musicians and maintains a very extensive sample and sounddesign library. Eager to improve our skills continuously we try to learn from every project. Failure is not an option! So we take our job very seriously, but don't worry: we laugh a lot.

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