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Kal WeberPeter Dickson

From vocal characterisation for radio and TV commercials and cartoon animation, through blue chip corporate presentation to network documentary narration, Feature film ADR and station imaging for both Radio and TV.

While completing his honours degree in Psychology, Voiceover man began his career at the BBC, where after lying about how old he was, holds the unique distinction of being the youngest ever TV news presenter in the history of the corporation at the age of 17. He spent some 4 years as a radio reporter and sub editor at BBC Northern Ireland. In 1982 he moved to BBC Radio 2 in London.

Voiceover Man is also one of Britain's best known tv and radio promo voices.
His grateful clients include:

Cartoon Network, E4, EMAP, Trouble, Capital Radio, GCAP, Chrysalis, Cameron Mackintosh, Boomerang, BBC News 24, Discovery, Bravo, BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, The History Channel, Performance TV, The Biography Channel, Nickleodeon, UK Choice, National Geographic, UK Play, Challenge TV, Sky1, Screensport, Disney Channel, TNT Classic Movies, BBC World, UK Gold, UK Horizons, Meridian, Anglia, Yorkshire TV, Granada, Carlton, Sky Movies, UPCtv, Channel 1 and Real Estate TV with Bruce Dunlop Associates.

Voiceover Man is also the In Flight voice of Emirates - One of the world's leading Airlines, where he can often be heard shouting about Mont Blanc pens and other duty free nonsense. He has also acted as MC at the company's annual beanfest - what Joy! Enchallah!

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