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Renay FitchR3D - Renay Fitch

Modeller, Animator, Character Rigger

I got into 3D whilst working at an advertising agency about 10 years ago, starting with a package called Bryce; version 2 I think it was! And from then on I was hooked, and have been passionate about it ever since. Trained as a graphic designer, I brought across into my 3D work a keen eye for detail and composition.
Although for the Moonridge 5 pilot, I was responsible solely for the rigging of all the characters, I’m also fully conversant with all aspects of the software from advanced modelling skills through to automated driven animation using Cinema 4D’s Expresso editor.

Rigging the characters for the Moonridge 5 pilot was a fun job, with some rather interesting hurdles to get around. The large hands and heads were a strange idea at first for me to get my head around, and once the first rig was made, it became clear that there were going to be a few technical problems to overcome before the characters would work convincingly. And I wasn’t sure how they were going to look once they had been animated. But I’m pleased to say that when I saw the final cut, I was pleasantly surprised at the result. The figures move and act really well. The adjustments to the models hands and the addition of stretchy limbs worked a treat.

I look forward to possibilities of working on this project in the future, if given the opportunity!

R3D Design and Animation.

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