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Dann StubbsDann Stubbs

I am an ex-3D Animator who is now the Systems Designer for a division of a global entertainment company located in Central Florida. In my spare time I continue to freelance 3D projects and am slowly making progress on my own animated short film.


This render farm offers 15,000+ Cinebench (Cinebench 2003) 110+ ghz of render power supporting Maya 7.0.1 Complete Software Renderer, Maxon Cinema 4D R9.102, R9.521 and R9.603, FinalRender2, and Maxwell Render software. It consists of 25 dual core, dedicated Render Stations - with AthlonX2 4400 (2.2 ghz each core) processors, each with 2GB of dual channel DDR400 ram and 40 or 80 GB 7200rpm hard drives, all run Windows XP Pro with the /3GB setting. Dedicated OSX and Windows XP Professional servers run the render farm. A separate G5 Quad acts as a "controller" system and is continuously monitoring the farm for proper running programs and processes - reporting detailed feedback to me via multiple email accounts and cell phone text messaging 24 hours a day. All systems are running on a segmented Gigabit and100baseT switched network with large UPS battery back up systems on every CPU for optimum speed and stability.

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