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CarlSamNoDukeFay6-11  -  26 x Half Hours  -  3D Computer animation  

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MOONRIDGE 5 It is the late 22nd century.  Duke, Sam, Carl, Fay and No attend Moonridge Academy, a boarding school that has been set up on the Moon to train children in the complex art of Terrator capture.  Terrators are the unstable and unpredictable destructive creatures who are the mutations of an exploded Space DNA Lab. An explosion so fierce that it hurtled their genetically engineered DNA throughout space.  Our 5 heroes are regular 14 year olds who have gained a reputation for being the school's top team.  To achieve their weekly Terrator-capturing homework they only have their Exoskels, their vehicles and their wits.  But trouble lurks everywhere.  They soon learn that only experience and teamwork Red Level 5 Terrator can help them overcome the obstacles they face both inside and outside school.  It's not easy to deal with the demands of Terrator hunting when you're also struggling with 0-Gravity Sports, having regular face-offs with evil Professor Asimov and being pressured by your parents to get better grades in Stellar Geography.

Looking for trouble on Planet XSchool Dinner in the Canteen

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