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Scene in the Canteen Let us tell you more about our students.  It may all seem like a lot of hard work but at Moonridge, kids also have fun!  Our pupils always work in teams of 4 or 5 and have to carry out their tasks together.

We don't usually boast about our students but to give you an idea of how the combination of good skills, talent and teamwork make for excellent results, we'd like to tell you about our top team - known internally as The Moonridge 5.  They all come from very different backgrounds both culturally and geographically and they all have different skill-sets and highly individual personalities.  They are 14 years old.


Carl's parents are Celebrity Space Specialists who sent Carl to Moonridge so they could go off and have fantastic adventures without having to worry about their son. At least, that's how Carl sees it. He sees them more often on the Lunavision News than in person which makes him angry. Carl inherited his parents' love of planetary adventures and consequently takes a lot of risks despite having a third
sense about the dangers in space.
He's one of the best rocket pilots and his favourite thing is Primeval Planet Camping. He's not used to sitting in classrooms and is often disruptive in class.
Carl's one of the cutest guys in school.




Sam is shy but she's also a natural leader and knows how to get the team out of a fix when nobody can think straight. It's a good thing she's so modest and quiet as she can't even begin to compete with her best friend Fay who is loud and brags constantly about her achievements.
Having been born on the Moon, she's very comfortable with reduced gravity and is a pro at handling the Exoskel which she loves and which makes her lose all her inhibitions.
She hates Terraforming or any sort of meddling with a planet's original state. She finds Duke
irresistible though she'd never admit it..


Deltan TerranNo

No is half Alien and half Terran. His adoptive parents sent him to Moonridge so he could be with kids from different planets and it wouldn't matter that he was the only
student with alien blood. He's calm and thoughtful but unusually headstrong and has supernatural mental powers which he can't control as well as wild hair with a
mind of its own.
No doesn't get Terran humour and his attempts at making jokes are amusing in their uselessness. He can communicate with aliens verbally and telepathically but avoids it as he wants to seem 100% Terran. His problem is that he needs to know why he's so different and he'll never know until he finds out who his
biological parents are.
No's best friend is Carl. He loves hearing about how Carl's parents captured Terrators in the olden days when there was so little technology.


Fay was born in Canada to very rich parents. Her mother moved the family to the Moon to launch an orbiting hotel and her father makes Lunar gravity homes for Earth immigrants. The Terrators are a major threat to their businesses so when they discovered they could send their daughter to
Moonridge to become a Space Specialist they were delighted! When she graduates, then intend for her to become their Strategic Director of Anti-Terrator Operations. But this is SO NOT what Fay has in mind for her future!
She's confident and funny but her big mouth often gets her into trouble. Fay usually gets what she wants (like her very own pink rocket) and believes her hair to be sacred. She's a Gravvy (people born and raised with gravity) and misses Earth. Her best friend is Sam and her ex-best friend is Sofia.



Duke is Indonesian but he grew up on the Moon. He is fearless, wild and unpredictable. Catching a buzz is more important to him than completing a school assignment so he often forgets the objective and gets caught up in the action. He loves dangerous situations and when left to his own
devices things often get out of control. His favourite
activities are Exoskel Technology and Solar Surfing. He's
into technological tinkering and enjoys hacking the Lunarnet.
Duke wants to be free, to choose his own path and not be
told what to do. It's a hard lesson to learn but he soon
discovers that you can't always go it alone.

Paris & SophiaTerran

Paris is 16. He is not nice. He's not doing well for the second year running and he may not graduate, again. This means he'll have to repeat the year with a bunch of 15 year olds and there is no WAY that's happening. He needs some younger kids to do his dirty work and the 'dream team' fit the bill perfectly! Anyway, it's SO obvious that they've got a secret weapon as they're just too good at capturing Terrators and he's going to find out exactly what that secret is. Luckily, his sidekick Sofia is more than happy to oblige. And it's not just her sly nature that pleases him so much, it's the fact that she used to be friends with one of THEM that is so very useful.

Sofia and Fay used to be best friends until Sofia stole one of Fay’s DXT’s and they had a major fight. Fay now avoids her but Sofia's taken to terrorising Sam who is Fay's new best friend. Time and again Sofia persuades Fay that she's changed and Fay lets herself believe until it goes wrong. Like the time when Sofia temporarily froze her so that she and Paris could steal her PDA to download her Terrator sighting locations. Another one of her victims is No. Sofia says Aliens aren't real people and enjoys humiliating him publicly.

Duke, Fay nd Sam in the NitroquadSam displays an RL10 with her PDA

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