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CarlSamNoDukeFay6-11  -  26 x Half Hours  -  3D Computer animation  

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Legendary Space Specialists

Your children will be in good hands.  The teachers at Moonridge are top level academics and Space Professionals with the highest educational qualifications.

Rocket landingMrs Stern
School Principal

Mrs Stern is generally pretty elusive. She's big on rules and detention but she also believes that kids have to learn from making mistakes and that it improves their survival instincts. She's partial to a good Terrator capture and often observes the students during this activity. There is much speculation about her origins. It is known that she founded the school over 100 years ago yet she never seems to age. Rumour has it she hails from a parallel universe as there have been many sightings of her on Planet O-Zone where she allegedly works as a Rocket Scientist.

Mr. Lee - TeacherMr Lee
Space Specialist Tactics

Mr Lee is 100% Alien but speaks perfect Lunan. He is extremely serious and considers his class to be the most important in school. He's big on strategy and methodology (never EVER approach a Terrator from above) and gets over-excited in lectures which makes his eyes bulge out. It looks so weird that it makes the kids laugh and then he gets so mad his tentacles go into wave overdrive which is even better.
Only he and Mrs Stern know how to revive DXT's so despite his strange
looks the kids are in awe of him

Mr Crater
0-Gravity Sports

Lunan born and bred, Mr Crater was a top Solar Surfing Champion until he had an accident which propelled him into the orbit of Planet G for 4 days. When he finally managed to return to the Moon he resolved never to compete again and to stay close to the Lunar surface at all times.
Despite this, his wild streak remains and he encourages the kids to do crazy stunts and push their limits. Duke is his most ambitious student and he gives him tips on Solar Surfing even though it's completely against school rules.

Mrs. Shepherd - TeacherMrs Shepherd
Monsterbike, Nitroquad & Rocket instruction

She is as strict as she is old. You do NOT cross Mrs Shepherd. But when she takes the controls in her hands and steps on the accelerator she throws caution to the wind and lets the good times roll. She denies that she's got tattoos but they have been spotted and everyone knows she used to be a Darkside Rider in her youth. Her only passion in life is the roar of motorised vehicles.
All her classes except Rocket Flight take place in the Dome.

Mr Flark
Alien Dialects

Alien dialects are made up of the strangest noises, like insane howls and crazy tongue-twisting rhymes. No is always fractious during these lessons (being half Alien) because as a non-Alien Mr Ali's accent is awful and he mispronounces everything and someone's got to correct him!
Mr Ali's inability to control the class and make them pay attention makes it a lot of fun.
 Surprisingly, Fay takes this class very seriously and is proving to be quite a linguist.

Professor AsimovProfessor Asimov
Fired.  Highly Dangerous

After teaching Cosmotropology at Moonridge for 15 years, Professor Asimov was caught stealing large amounts of DXT's from the school. He was fired immediately but he lives just outside the school and he's not about to abandon his quest. He knows Earth scientists made a major discovery in the DNA research lab before it blew up and believes they were creating armies that could attack and colonise distant planets. By collecting as many as possible he will recreate the DNA and create an army of his own.
But there's just one problem. He can't capture them alone. He needs the assistance of the Moonridge students and with his huge black Exoskel and his own natural charms, they'll be able to see things his way.

Asimov in his Exoskel

Sanji Unit Sanji Unit

But why, you ask yourselves, are the Moonridge 5 such an excellent team? They're normal kids who've just learnt a lot of great skills. So what makes them so special? Well nobody else knows about it but their secret is called Sanji-Unit.
Old, wise and squeaky, this ancient maintenance robot is like a Japanese sensei. At the end of the Robot Age he was relegated to cleaning duties at Moonridge and when the 5 kids befriended him they discovered he was a top level Operative in the President's chambers and was keen to pass on his secret skills. As robots are not allowed to communicate with students they meet at night to learn meditation techniques and and martial arts systems such as Ki-Tiger which is blindingly fast and renders the practitioner impenetrable.
Sanji can seem harsh as he was programmed in the language of StrictScript 1.0 but his ways are funny and the kids adore him, looking on him as a mentor, a parent and a friend.

Sanji talking to No in the Canteen

Carl & No on Planet XeltonQuad instruction in the Dome

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