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Cinema 4D in actionThe Technical Bit

Producing a television animation series pilot in Maxon Cinema 4D 9.521 is not something many animation production companies have done and subsequently, a lot of the functionality needed for this project had to be made up on the spot. This is also very true because at 3-D Revolution Productions we like to squeeze the absolute maximum out of any software - and then a little more - so when we hit a brick wall, we simply break through it.

Plugins used: CD Morph, CDIK, CD Constraints, Visual Selector, CloneAnimation, Transparent & Translucent Pro, MirrorPointPosition, OpActiveRec, XStacy PowerSlider.

Custom plugins, scripts and rigs

Fay Colour sheetFacial Animation

The morphs that form the basis of the facial animation (pre-set facial shapes) were created by Daniel Bacchiocchi, Oliver Wuensch, Fabian Rosenkranz and Clement Vaucelle according to Boris de Leeuwe's morph sheets. Fabian Rosenkranz then also wrote a special script for Sanji's robotic facial controls.

A special plugin called OpActiveRec was written to facilitate lipsyncing and facial expressions in a stop-motion way by Cactus Dan and Daniel Bacchiocchi. Early tests showed, however, that the resulting stop-motion style facial animation did not sit well with the smooth body animation and a custom facial animation script (xpresso) for an interface on top of the existing facial expression system was written by Oliver Wuensch. This script worked with the system devised by Cactus Dan and Daniel Bacchiocci, but facilitated smooth facial animation with a slider interface and function-curvable keys on the morphs.



The rigs were built by Renay Fitch of R3D using Cactus Dan's CD IK tools. Additional custom rigging was then done by Clement Vaucelle of WIPIX.

For practical, smooth animation, proxy rigs were built by Daniel Bacchiocchi. The animation data was then transferred to the final rigs using CloneAnimation 2 - also written for the pilot production - and a special Bone Translation script by Fabian Rosenkranz. This was needed because of custom bone control data which could not be copied using CloneAnimation.

Contact 3-D Revolution Productions for more information on the plugins and scripts developed for the Moonridge 5 pilot.

Post Production

All compositing was done using Adobe After Effects and editing was done in Apple's Final Cut Pro. The whole exchange between programs was effortless and special recommendation has to go out to Cinema 4D's After Effects camera export functionality.

This website was then built by Alexander Lentjes of 3-D Revolution Productions. The MP3 playback script and Flash was written by Jeroen Wijering, distributed under a Creative Commons Licence.

The whole pilot production was done equally on Macs and PCs, facilitated by dual platform support of Cinema 4D and After Effects. In all, this has made for a very multi-platform, cross-program, international, multi-lingual, time-zone-spanning, limitation-busting production!

No throws darts with his hairCarl outrunning an RL10 in the Exo

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