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CarlSamNoDukeFay6-11  -  26 x Half Hours  -  3D Computer animation  

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Vehicles & Gadgets
The tools of the Terrator-hunting trade!
Red Level 10 Terrator

There are 5 classifications of Terrators which correspond both to their colour and their danger factor. These are Blue, Red, Black, Silver and Gold.   14 years olds are in Year Red and will be expected to capture Terrators from Red Levels 1 to 10.

Your assignment will be to capture and contain one Terrator per week. You will work in teams of 5 and are strictly forbidden to approach Terrators on your own.

Monsterbike & NitroquadYou will be required to attend the following classes:
Rocket Flight Piloting & Maintenance, Monsterbike & Nitroquad Proficiency, Planetary Survival, Alien Dialects, Space Specialist Tactics, 0-Gravity Sports, Stellar Geography and Galactic History.

There will be monthly field trips to view Professional Terrator Captures.

Variety of Rockets

Standard Issue MECHAR

DXT with DX'ed RL10

PDA in Sleep Mode and Active

Every team will be provided with one or more of the following vehicles: a rocket, an Exoskel, a Nitroquad, a Trike, a Gyrowheel Monocycle and a Monsterbike. You will also each have your own PDA for all interactive and interfacing purposes and for the classification of Terrators.

You will each have a MECHAR which you will deploy to freeze and reduce Terrators upon making physical contact with them, thus converting them into Dormant Ex-Terrators (DXT's).   These DXT's will then be stored in the school's Genetic Space Library and kept under high security. They can also be employed as power boosters for Exoskels and vehicles in emergencies.

It is against school rules to capture Terrators that don't correspond to your assigned level. Gold Level Terrators are out of bounds to all students under 17 years old.  

It is possible to revive Terrators and return them to their normal size. However this is rarely necessary and may only be carried out by senior staff members.

Graduation will correspond to the number of Terrators captured during your tenure at Moonridge.


Ready for ActionAnd don't worry, whilst they are subjected to some pretty amazing rocket-fuelled adventures, our Space Cadets rarely get hurt and they're certainly not expected to kill anything.

Now that the era of guns, ammunition and bombs is over they rely on the energy blasts from the Exoskels we supply to overcome the Terrators and other threats, before minimising them with their MECHARs.
Carl & Asimov in their Exos

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